Thanks to the innovative process of gas-assisted injection moulding, polypropylene chairs and tables become a smart alternative to the natural woven rattan material. Their structure make these products particularly strong and highly durable to be used both for outdoor and indoor. All the products are made in Italy and complying with the strict European standard for quality products.

  • Urano is a rectangular handy table with sides and legs enhanced by a woven pattern. It can have 6 seats and its triangular legs make it stable and robust, so it perfectly adapts to outdoor use. It’s very light and its legs are easily removable. It’s weather-resistant and it doesn’t…

  • Square table with smooth top and sides enhanced by a woven decoration. The 4 triangular legs reproduce the same pattern of the sides, making the product elegant and perfectly suitable both for outdoor and indoor settings. Thanks to its removable legs, Saturno is functional and ideal to save space. No…

  • Smooth seat and woven backrest: thanks to this original combination, Fedra is nice to look and perfect for outdoors and to give a touch of originality to indoors. An innovative design coming from the good balance between shape and functionality. With 4 non-slip feet, no need to handle, weather-resistant.

  • The space between the backrest and the seat makes this chair lighter and its lines refined. Clio is nice and aesthetically pleasing. A new version of Selene chair with a touch of difference. With 4 non-slip feet, no need to handle, weather-resistant.

  • Sibilla sound light and luminous, it adapts to every setting including outdoor and indoor areas. Its armrests wrap without tightening, leaving ample space to lean on themselves in full comfort. With 4 non-slip feet, no need to handle, weather-resistant

  • A chair realized in woven polypropylene. Its comfortable and functional shapes make it suitable for outdoor and indoor contexts. Light and resistant, Selene is cosy and simple in its lines. With 4 non-slip feet, no need to handle, weather-resistant.

  • The armchair Dafne is suitable both for outdoor or indoor environments. Its similar rattan frame in woven resin combines quality, comfort and aesthetic design. With four non-slip feet, no need to handle, weather-resistant.