About Us


L’ottima qualità delle materie prime, l’estrema cura del design e la comprovata funzionalità rappresentano sicuramente i punti di forza dei nostri prodotti.


ARETA is an Italian business company founded in 1987. It is located in Francavilla Fontana, in the south of Italy. It established itself as manufacturer and supplier of high- quality polypropylene outdoor furniture thanks to carefully selected raw material. Our products have recently achieved a great success especially in European and non- European contexts.

That is why we decided to extend the range of our items and some years ago, we launched two new successful collections for contract use: The Simil Rattan collection and the Indoor collection. Our main strengths are the good quality of raw material used, the care of design and performance characteristics of all of our products.


Areta designs and makes 100% Made in Italy outdoor and indoor furniture. The success of our company depends on many factors:

  • High standard quality product which results from carefully selected material and the excellent work of our highly – skilled workers;
  • Elegant design to satisfy any furniture requirement;
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technical solutions;
  • Integrated logistics services;
  • Direct relationships with customers in order to satisfy any requirement;
  • Continuous research for materials, processes and products and their subsequent development.


Polypropylene has definitely a leading role in Areta production. It’s a plastic material with favourable properties:

  • It’s very light;
  • It’s easy to clean;
  • It’s very resistant to heat and humidity;
  • It doesn’t absorb water;
  • It’s resistant to wear and stain;
  • It’s 100% recyclable.

It is a fully automated production process. Our highly skilled workers allow having full control over each phase of production. Hence the high flexibility of manufacturing process, the careful quality control and finally testing procedure of each item.


This collection includes a wide range of items conceived to satisfy the customers’ requirements in terms of outdoor furniture:

  • 10 monoblock armchairs;
  • 3 monobloc chairs;
  • 5 reclining armchairs;
  • 8 tables in different shapes and size;
  • chairs and tables for kids;
  • 1 bench;
  • 1 trolley bar;
  • 4 sunbeds with and without arms
  • 2 beach chairs.

All the products are available in classical colours, but it is also possible to make them in non-standard colours according to customers’ request.


Some years ago, ARETA launched two new collections for contract use: this kind of items is intended for non-private use in places with public access, like restaurants, hotel and cafés. They rapidly achieved a great success in Italy and particularly abroad.

The SIMIL RATTAN collection includes: 2 chairs with arms, 3 chairs without arms (one of them with simil rattan backrest only), 1 square table, 1 rectangular table. Thanks to the so-called “gas injection technology” these items exactly reflect the aspect of the real woven rattan and the high-quality polypropylene used makes them long-lasting. These items are available in 4 different elegant colours: white, anthracite, tortora and espresso.

Other non-standard colours are available upon request.


The INDOOR collection includes 12 different models of indoor chairs for contract use in accordance with reference European standards. Among these chairs, there are three new original models of chairs ARTEMIDE, ELETTRA and ERA, which can be customized by choosing between polypropylene seat and natural straw seat.

In addition, the new seat in textilene will be available in 2019. ARTEMIDE chair showed at Host exhibition 2017 in Milan has been awarded the SMART LABEL for its creative structure as adaptation of an established classic style. The indoor collection is now getting bigger: there is a new version of table ARES 70×70, a modular system of legs for tables and two new models of chairs, FLORA with its simple and linear design and MAIA with its sophisticated design, the seat and backrest interchangeable in colour and material.

Thanks to the high resistance and the elegant design, these products are particularly adapted to any indoor furniture requirement.


ARETA is synonym of quality. The production process starts with a careful selection of high-quality raw material, then a strict control of each manufacturing step and finally each item is properly tested by the most important European and Italian Research Institutes in the field of furniture, in accordance with European standards EN 10 22 – EN 581. 1/2/3 – EN 16139.


ARETA staff pays particular attention to logistics, one of the most important aspects of the company. Logistics is organised according to the real customer’s requirements, which increase the level of competitiveness on the market.


Almost 70% of the annual turnover depends on exportations worldwide. Since the beginning, ARETA has oriented all its commercial efforts towards international environments. The company has had a considerable experience in European and non- European contexts. Thanks to its flexibility, ARETA can provide customers with customized labels and packaging in order to respect the legal obligation of any single country.

All the services aim at facilitating the purchasing process and increasing the customer satisfaction regarding the item selected as well as the service received.